Quickly process and manage payments and orders using our mobile all-in-one terminal.

Wat Drink Je Besteloplossingen ober terminal aanbieden aan klant

All payment methods
with one device

Bank card

Receive card payments, including contactless and via Google Pay and Apple Pay

Payconiq QR

Let customers settle orders directly thanks to our direct Payconiq integration.

All cards are accepted

The convenience of mobile payments

Safe and flying

As a digital drinking card or as promotional tool

Register all income, including cash


Pay with rechargeable cashless cards or wristbands. Fast and secure with NFC technology.

QR voucher

Let customers pay with a QR voucher

Cash registration

Register your cash receipts directly in the payment terminal.

Switch device mode in one click

Order mode

With the all-in-one ordering and payment terminal, you take orders quickly and efficiently at the bar. With the same device, you can also take orders as a waiter (in combination with Delivery).

Top-up mode

Use the terminal to upgrade cashless cards or wristbands with all open loop payment methods or to create product or value QR vouchers.

Refund mode

Refund deposit for reusable catering equipment in 1 motion on cashless cards or bands.

Online order fulfillment mode

The built-in QR scanner allows you to quickly and easily scan Show & Go orders placed online.


We have a large in-house inventory of hardware.
This allows us to flexibly serve events of any size.

Mobile terminal

Technical specifications

Manage from one place

Optimize and manage your event with an online centralized management platform.

Beheer via één platform! Optimaliseer jouw evenement met een online gecentraliseerd beheerplatform. Laptop Koffie Werken

Terminal in stand

Technische specificaties: