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Beyond Ordering bv (hereinafter: “Beyond Ordering”) uses cookies on this website. This cookie policy (hereinafter: “Cookie Policy”) informs you as a visitor to the Website about the use of these cookies.

You are not obliged to accept all cookies. Only strictly necessary cookies cannot be refused if you want to visit the Website. However, there is a risk that by refusing cookies certain applications of our Website may not function optimally.

If you wish to know more about how Beyond Ordering processes personal data during your use of, or interaction with Beyond Ordering’s Website, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

What is a Cookie?

Cookies are small (text) files. When you visit a website, small (text) files are stored on, or access is gained to, previously placed (text) files by the website on your peripherals (computer, tablet, cell phone, etc). When you as a user surf the same website in the future, the data stored in the cookies can be retrieved by the website to inform the website of the user’s previous activities. Cookies act as a sort of reminder for the website.

Cookies can be placed both by Beyond Ordering itself (“first party cookies”) and by third parties (“third party cookies”). For “third party cookies”, you should consult the relevant statements that these parties provide on their own websites about them.

Furthermore, cookies may be placed either temporarily (“session cookies”, these cookies disappear when you close your browser session) or permanently (“permanent cookies”, these cookies are permanently placed on your device until you manually delete them).

Why does Beyond Ordering use cookies?

Beyond Ordering uses cookies to improve the use and functioning of its Website.

The storage of cookies on your peripherals provides Beyond Ordering with a simple way and method to manage your session, personalize and make the user experience during your visit more pleasant. Beyond Ordering also uses cookies to keep you informed of its promotions when you visit other sites.

What cookies does Beyond Ordering use?

Beyond Ordering uses different types of cookies:

  • Strictly necessary cookies. These cookies, as the name suggests, are strictly necessary to enable you to browse the Website, or to use well-defined functionalities. These cookies are set due to technical necessity as soon as you visit the Website.
  • Many of the cookies, called functional cookies, are used to make your visit to the Website or to the What Drink You? platform run smoothly. For example, cookies are used to provide services or to store settings, such as saving your preferences (e.g. regarding cookies (so that the pop-up window regarding the use of cookies does not appear again and again). Some of these cookies are limited to the duration of the user session.
  • There are also marketing cookies and social sharing cookies. These are cookies that will follow and track your behavior on the Website, e.g. to offer you personalized advertisements based on your browsing behavior. These cookies optimize the display of advertising messages (banners) from Beyond Ordering to users who have indicated an interest in Beyond Ordering products or services, while visiting other sharing platforms such as Facebook, Bing, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or other websites with similar advertising services.
  • Next are the analytical cookies/performance cookies. These cookies are used to compile statistics on the browsing behavior of a website’s visitors. In this way, a more optimal user experience can be offered. Among other things, these cookies analyze the duration of visits, the number of visits and visitors, the most frequently visited pages of the Website, the location of the user,…

How can you manage these cookies?

At the beginning of your visit to the Website, you will have the option of accepting or not accepting cookies requiring your consent through a pop-up.

If you wish to manage your cookie settings afterwards, you can access them at any time at the bottom right of the Website via “Manage Cookie Consent” or manage them in the tabel above.

Changes to this cookie policy

Beyond Ordering reserves the right to update and thus unilaterally modify this Cookie Statement. It is therefore recommended that you regularly consult the Website and this Cookie Statement. As soon as a new Cookie Statement becomes effective, your consent to the use of additional or different cookies will be requested again, if required by law.

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