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Pro plan
Fixed €0,01 per credit Pay later (monthly) + €199 / year
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Transaction fees other payment methods on request

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One-time hardware cost
No subscription
Buy or rent at economical rates

Pro functionalities

All Basic functionalities

With the Pro plan, you get all the Basic functionalities and more....

10 preparation points

With the Pro plan, you serve customers effortlessly from up to 10 preparation points. More complex setups are not a problem at all for Beyond Ordering.

Zones and subzones

Reduce walking distances for runners and visitors, and optimize the logistics flow by allowing orders from different zones. With the Pro formula, you can create up to 4 zones, with 1 level of sub-zones.

Vouchers to email

Create vouchers with a desired value and validity date. These vouchers can be used to pay for (part of) the order. Vouchers can be sent automatically to the customer's email address.

Basic fees

You have the option to have fixed fees automatically charged on top of the total order value. Per service option a different fee can be applied.

Intake meeting

During the intake meeting our specialists analyze your specific needs and wishes. We help you with the configuration of your account, give you tips and tricks, and answer all the questions you may have.

Express Delivery

Express Delivery can be combined with regular Delivery, with the difference that Express Delivery orders are delivered faster. Preferably combine this service option with a fee.

Express Pickup

Express Pickup allows orders to be prioritized against normal pickup orders and will therefore be able to be picked up more quickly. Preferably combine this service option with a fee.

Show & Go

In the Pro plan you can configure up to 10 scan devices to fulfill orders in Show & Go. Do you need more flexibility? Take a look at our Full Service plan.

Statistics (per hour)

Get a clear overview of your sales in more graphs, with option to download. Additionaly you can download an overview by day and by month. Do you need deeper data insights or reporting? Take a look at our Full Service plan.

Monthly payment

An additional advantage of the Pro formula is that you no longer need to purchase prepaid credits. A settlement of all costs is invoiced monthly.

Whatsapp support

With the Pro formula, you can enjoy direct online support via Whatsapp. This allows us to answer your questions faster.

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