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Full Service Functionalities


All Pro functionalities

With the Full Service plan, you get all the Pro functionalities and more....

25 preparation points

With the Pro plan you serve customers effortlessly from 25 preparation points. Our specialists provide full account configuration and installation of all necessary hardware.

10 zones

Reduce walking distances for runners and visitors, and optimize the logistics flow by allowing orders from different zones. With the Pro formula, you can create up to 10 zones, with unlimited levels of sub-zones.

Personal project manager

A personal project manager will follow up your project from A to Z. He or she is happy to answer all questions and requests, and is always just a phone call away.

Project analysis

You can focus on the organization of the event without any worries. Together with those responsible within your organization, our specialists will make a project analysis, customized for your application.

Product vouchers

Create product vouchers with a desired value and validity date. These vouchers can only be used to order specific items. Vouchers can be automatically sent to the customer's email address.

Reporting and insights

The real-time data insights give you the right input to make informed decisions on the fly and adjust stock and staffing as needed. Make an in-depth analysis afterwards with the help of personalized reports.

Advanced fees

You have the option of having fixed or variable fees automatically calculated on top of the total order value. Mix match the conditions that must be met in order for the relevant fee(s) to apply.

Service hotline

Full Service is really Full Service. A personal contact person is available by phone for service & support. Support and stand-by on site are also possible.

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