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Transaction fees other payment methods on request

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One-time hardware cost
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1.000 credits

  • €0,04 / credit*

2.000 credits

  • €0,0325 / credit*

4.000 credits

  • €0,025 / credit*

10.000 credits

  • €0,0175 / credit*

50.000 credits

  • €0,01 / credit*
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*Credits remain valid indefinitely and are non-refundable. All prices exclude VAT. Packages available in the Beyond Ordering dashboard.

Basic functionalities

Digital menu

A digital menu in the style of your organization, customized with a click, from where online orders can be placed easily.

Mobile payments

Benefit from the convenience of instant mobile and secure checkout at interesting rates and without subscription fees.


Create vouchers with a desired value and validity date. These vouchers can be used to pay for (part of) the order.


While you prepare the order, the customer can follow the status on his smartphone. Until you deliver everything to the table or seat.


Pickup allows your customers to order in advance from their mobile device. Once the order is ready, the customer receives a notification that also functions as verification when picking up the order.

Show & Go

In the Basic plan you can use Show & Go to fulfill orders. You can configure up to 2 scan devices. Do you need more flexibility? Take a look at our Pro or Full Service plan.


Waiter functionality

As a waiter, you can take orders and immediately pay for them manually. An ideal solution to serve seated customers who are not yet familiar with online ordering.

Preparation points

Use this functionality for preparing items in different locations. For example for preparing drinks at the bar and food in the kitchen. In the Basic plan, you can create up to 2 preparation points .

Receipt printer

Optimize order processing by printing a receipt of all incoming orders (optional). Rent or buy one in our webshop.


Hybrid mode

Use the Beyond Ordering dashboard in 3 modes: preparation mode to prepare placed orders, order mode to enter new orders "offline" and voucher mode to easily create vouchers using voucher templates.

Statistics (per day)

Consult and download the statistics of sold items per day. Would you like to be able to view and download more extensive statistics? Take a look at our Pro or Full Service plan.

Multilingual interface

Both, the order page and the personal dashboard of your Beyond Ordering account, are available in dutch, french, english and german (other languages on request).

Personalized URL

You can request a personalized link to your order page, for example: bestel.watdrinkje.be/rockwdj.

Email support

In the Basic plan, you have access to manuals and explainer videos (coming soon) and you can count on online support via email.


1 zone

In the basic plan you have you have 1 zone only. Do you need multiple zones for your application? Take a look at our Pro or Full Service plan.

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