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But the most complete payment terminal for your event with integrated deposit system, customizable price lists and acceptance of all payment methods
Integrated Deposit System
Integrated Deposit System

The terminal has an integrated deposit system that allows you to assign a deposit to each product on you price list, prior to your event. When your bar staff takes orders, deposits will be automatically charged to the total order amount.

When people return deposits whilst placing a new order at the bar, the amount of deposits will be automatically deducted from the total order amount.

Customizable Price Lists
Customizable Price Lists

The Beyond Ordering management platform allows you to add different preparation points in a very simple way. Each preparation point gets its own price list that is fully customizable. For example, you can choose a recognizable color per category, and you can favorite the most popular items so they can be tapped quickly.

This together with the clean and intelligent grid view guarantees the most optimal operational flow at your bar.

All Payment Methods
All Payment Methods

Receive payments the way you prefer. First of all, Vivawallet is fully integrated, allowing the use of all payment methods supported by Vivawallet eg, Bancontact, Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay etc.

Payconiq is embedded in the terminal: the device will display a Payconiq QR code that can be scanned by the customer and the payment is settled instantly using the Payconiq app.

Finally, we offer 2 internal payment methods: payment through a Beyond Ordering voucher (printed or digital) and you can easily register cash payments.

Easy to use

Intuitive and very easy to use for older and young, for professionals and volunteers.

Fully integrated

Fully integrated with the Beyond Ordering order and payment software.

WiFi + Cellular

Highly mobile and operational via Wifi or mobile internet.

Highly secure

Less cash handling on site offers big benefits on security.

Viva Wallet

With more than 20 years of experience, Viva Wallet is a reliable partner in digital payments. Transparency, innovation and flexibility are core values of our partnership. Viva Wallet is active as a payment institution in 24 European countries.

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