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To prevent reusable cups from falling on the ground or disappearing, it is usually advisable to use a deposit system. Beyond Ordering likes to cooperate on ecological solutions and our customers were also looking for a simple digital system, which is why we built it right into the Beyond Ordering platform.

You can set 1 type of Deposit in Beyond Ordering Lite and Basic, and can even set multiple types of Deposits in Beyond Ordering Plus (e.g. €1 deposit for a reusable cup for beer or softs, and €2 deposit for a fancy reusable cocktail cup).

Per product on your price list, you can assign the deposit that applies.

When your customer places an online order or your bar staff enters a terminal order, all deposits linked to the selected products will automatically be added to the order total.

You know what is really great about this functionality? When your bar staff enters a terminal order, they can immediately deduct received Deposits of the total order amount.

Good news, we have a solution for this as well. Take a look at the video below and visit the website of QR refund (currently only available in Dutch).

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