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Receive orders with Viva Wallet

With Viva Wallet you can receive ouders with our integrated payment terminal from Viva Wallet.

Beyond Ordering is aware that not yet everyone can (or wants to) order and pay online via their smartphone. Our ordering and payment platform is now fully integrated with a mobile payment terminal, so that your customers can order and pay directly at the bar.

To make this possible, we work together with Viva Wallet as a reliable partner. The payment terminals are very mobile and can receive payments anywhere via Wifi or mobile internet. Because Beyond Ordering is fully integrated into the mobile payment terminal, all sales are automatically added to your Beyond Ordering statistics. Conveniently isn’t it?

Nothing but benefits: receiving payments faster, avoiding long queues and less cash offers more security.

If you want to use a payment terminal at your event please contact us.

Lucky 21
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Lucky 21

At Lucky 21 you order drinks and party safely from a glasshouse!

De Cavalerie
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De Cavalerie

Oh la la la, c’est magnifique! Arno in “De Cavalerie” After the cancellations had piled up, the equestrian center De Cavalerie from Zonderschot came up


Op uw gezondheid

‘Op uw gezondheid’ is a non-profit initiative by Rik Bauwens, Wouter Bauwens, Jo Van Gasse and Wouter Van Hauwermeiren to give horeca operators a helping

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