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Honesty lasts longest with an Honesty Bar

Beyond Ordering responds to the latest hospitality trend: offering an “Honesty Bar”. With the Self Service option, you no longer need an open cash register or logbook. Ask online, pay mobile and you’re done.

What’s an Honesty Bar?

An Honesty Bar is an unattended bar often found in a lobby of a hotel, B&B or meeting room. The payment and pouring of drinks is left to the guest. So one counts on his honesty (honesty) to pay for the consumed drinks himself.

Self Service Option

Financially, it is not always possible to provide staff to keep a bar open for a handful of people in meetings or guests arriving late to their hotel. With the Self Service option, guests scan a QR code with their smartphone, choose their drink and instantly checkout by mobile. Track real-time sales of your Honesty Bar, or download reports afterwards from your Beyond Ordering dashboard.

Digitizing your Honesty Bar? Then get in touch with us.


Deposits for reusable cups

Soon, organizers will no longer be allowed to serve drinks in disposable cups. To avoid your reusable cups ending up on the ground or disappearing,


Kanaal Z – Alle Zaken Op Een Rijtje

Kanaal Z’s TV program “Alle Zaken Op Een Rijtje” has made a video coverage around Beyond Ordering. In this episode, two of the three driving

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Concert promoter Miracle

In order to optimize the concert experience Miracle is working together with Beyond Ordering. They are joining forces to inform music lovers about the payment