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Beyond Ordering refreshes the festival summer

Beyond Ordering refreshes the festival summer supported by AB InBev and Payconiq

Losing unnecessary time at your favorite festival or sports game due to endless queues at the bar is a thing of the past. Also cash payments are no longer necessary and the bar operations of the organization are optimized with the digital ordering and payment platform of the future. For two corona summers, Beyond Ordering was the solution for table service when the bubbles (no, not champagne) bubbled up. The Flemish start-up has since grown into the most complete and relevant ordering and payment platform in the entertainment sector. With their “Show & Go” service option, they are putting their evolution in extra focus for standing audiences this summer.

AB InBev and Payconiq are supporting Beyond Ordering in their advance within the entertainment sector. A collaboration that, for the time being, leaves both parties with a fresh aftertaste.

Bron: Het Laatste Nieuws

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Honesty lasts longest with an Honesty Bar

Beyond Ordering responds to the latest hospitality trend: offering an “Honesty Bar”. With the Self Service option, you no longer need an open cash register