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Geberit Beach Tour

Teamwork makes the dream work at Geberit Beach Tour

At the Geberit Beach Tour, a beach volleyball tournament in Antwerp, the summer atmosphere and the expertise of Viva Wallet, Beyond Ordering and QR refund came together to offer visitors an innovative and effortless payment experience. The fruits of their joint efforts resulted in a practical and user-friendly solution for both contactless payments and simplifying security deposits.

An efficient cashless payment experience

During the tournament, visitors could pay cashless with their bank cards at the bar staff, which provided a seamless and efficient service.

Our versatile all-in-one payment terminal offered the ability to effortlessly combine deposits, direct card payments and QR payments. Because only electronic payments were accepted, organizers gained a clear overview, greater control and increased transparency in financial procedures thanks to our advanced management system.

Simple deposit system

In addition, a sustainable effort was made by implementing reusable cups. A deposit was automatically added to each order for the reusable cups. This deposit was then settled using our all-in-one terminals.

Visitors could also exchange their reusable cups at a collection point and were given a QR code that allowed them to claim the remaining amount of their deposit. This process offered not only a safe (no cash needed) and efficient settlement of the deposit, but also an environmentally friendly approach.

If you are also interested in using our all-in-one terminal and/or QR refund for your event, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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