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Waregem Koerse

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On Tuesday August 30th Waregem Koerse celebrated its 175th anniversary. In addition to the horse race, the event is primarily associated with the distinctive hats worn by the women and the many beers that are drunk next to Waregem’s Hippodrome. The event attracts around 35.000 visitors each year.

Waregem Koerse may be 175 years ‘old’, but this top event is also ‘new’ by enabling online ordering for drinks.

The organization collaborated with the payment and ordering platform of BEES and Beyond Ordering. Without an app and thanks to the Show & Go service option visitors can quickly and customer-friendly pick up their order at the bar via a QR code on their smartphone. All orders can be viewed, checked and analysed live thanks to the management platform. This makes it possible to perfectly estimate the traffic and consumption at the bars.

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