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Urban Sessions

A new festival in the heart of Brussels

A new four-day free festival has transformed the Belgian capital into the hub of the world’s most daring action sports and urban lifestyle. The best male and female BMX Freestyle athletes showcase their coolest tricks on the ramps, competing for victory in international competitions.

The young festival wants to go digital and bet on cashless payments. To this end, it is collaborating with the ordering and payment platform ‘Beyond Ordering’. During Urban Sessions, the 29.000 visitors could pick up their order at the bar with the Show & Go service option. Fast, safe and no queues!

With the Hybrid service option, we provided a backup in case a small percentage of the visitors were unable to pay by mobile phone. We provided Viva Wallet bank terminals that can connect to our management platform, so that all orders can be monitored in real time.

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Jardin Beauville
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Jardin Beauville

Like all other festivals in Belgium, the fourth edition of the one-day festival Beauville at the domain of the Ooidonk castle near Ghent was cancelled

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Concert promoter Miracle

In order to optimize the concert experience Miracle is working together with Beyond Ordering. They are joining forces to inform music lovers about the payment

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Summerbar Bloom

Summerbar Bloom is located at walking distance from the Zandberg sports complex and the neighbouring padel courts in Aalst. Throughout August and September you can

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