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Wat Drink Je? at Summerbar Rock Werchter

Thanks to Wat Drink Je? you can order and pay contactless at Rock Werchter Summerbar

Unfortunately, Rock Werchter will not be able to take place this year for the well known reason. Nevertheless, the organizers do not want to let this edition pass by without a fight. From July 2nd to 5th, Rock Werchter will open a Summerbar in the Festival Park. With live concerts by Selah Sue, Tourist LeMC and Bazart, among others, each time for 400 people.

Wandering around, standing in the front row, chatting at the bar… you can’t do that. Visitors to the Zomerbar will use the Wat Drink Je? platform to have orders placed contactlessly. Orders can be paid for immediately online via Payconiq. In this way, you can still enjoy a fresh pint, a tasty bite and a performance on the field of Rock Werchter in the best of circumstances.

Through this initiative, Rock Werchter wants to raise funds for the solidarity fund LIVE2020 of the live music sector.

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