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Rugbeeclub BrigandZe

BrigandZe’s canteen is officially opened

Rugby club BrigandZe is starting on a new site in Overmere, and with that comes brand new building. The club officially opened the canteen in September. In order to allow visitors and players to order safely, BrigandZe has chosen to work with ‘Wat Drink Je?’. The ordering platform will be used in two locations, as they have also set up an outdoor bar on the roof. So you can watch a match there carefree and have a drink in the best conditions just by scanning a QR code.

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Music club N9

Music club N9 reopens its doors at “de Kubiek”

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Concert promoter Miracle

In order to optimize the concert experience Miracle is working together with Beyond Ordering. They are joining forces to inform music lovers about the payment


Op uw gezondheid

‘Op uw gezondheid’ is a non-profit initiative by Rik Bauwens, Wouter Bauwens, Jo Van Gasse and Wouter Van Hauwermeiren to give horeca operators a helping

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