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Paradise City Festival

Less waiting, more dancing!

The three-day dance event in Perk is not only an environmentally friendly, but also an innovative festival. It offered the 32.000 festival visitors a fast lane to pick up their drinks. Less waiting, more dancing! 

With the Show & Go service option, developed by Beyond Ordering, festival visitors could place an order in advance and pay anywhere on the festival grounds. They could collect their order directly from the Jupiler fastlane bars, where the QR code was scanned with a smartphone. No extra hardware had to be provided in order to make the bar work optimally.

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Lucky 21
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Lucky 21

At Lucky 21 you order drinks and party safely from a glasshouse!

Jardin Beauville
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Jardin Beauville

Like all other festivals in Belgium, the fourth edition of the one-day festival Beauville at the domain of the Ooidonk castle near Ghent was cancelled

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Casa Corona Canarias

The digital ordering and payment platform will be deployed at Casa Corona Canarias so you don’t have to miss a single sunset (or sunrise).

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