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OLT Rivierenhof

OLT Rivierenhof has a special place in the summer concert and festival landscape thanks to its unique location in the greenery. From mid-June to mid-September you can enjoy more than 40 concerts – from rock, reggae & blues to pop, hip hop and urban – in the enchanting open-air theater of the provincial domain Rivierenhof in Antwerp (Deurne).

The magical place in the middle of nature appeals to the imagination of every music fan, moreover, the authentic amphitheater makes the concert experience complete and unforgettable. In addition to performances by renowned national and international artists, you can also visit their large cosy bar for a refreshing drink, a tasty cocktail and delicious food. Something for everyone!

Order your drinks and food online at OLT Rivierenhof

At the OLT Rivierenhof, visitors don’t lose any time at the bar thanks to the Show & Go service option of Beyond Ordering. This way they can enjoy their favorite bands to the max!

OLT Rivierenhof
Show & Go at OLT Rivierenhof

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