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Lolpopup summerbar

Vzw LOL transforms the Chiro grounds into summer bar Lolpopup

What’s in the air? It’s not a party-disrupting virus, but the smell of Wichelen Kermis. Vzw LOL organizes an exceptional edition of Lolpop during the September fair: Lolpopup. A real three-day summer bar on the grounds of Chiro Juventud (next to the church of Wichelen). Everyone is welcome for a drink and a chat. Orders are placed via the smartphone, thanks to ‘Wat Drink Je’.

Entrance is free! It is advisable to arrive on time, because places are limited. Mouth masks are mandatory when entering and moving around the site.

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Concert promoter Miracle

In order to optimize the concert experience Miracle is working together with Beyond Ordering. They are joining forces to inform music lovers about the payment


Op uw gezondheid

‘Op uw gezondheid’ is a non-profit initiative by Rik Bauwens, Wouter Bauwens, Jo Van Gasse and Wouter Van Hauwermeiren to give horeca operators a helping

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Cultural café ’t Veken

After a long sweat and toil, ‘t Veken proudly opens the new cultural café in Wichelen on the shores of the Scheldt. Feel free to

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