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Jardin Beauville

Like all other festivals in Belgium, the fourth edition of the one-day festival Beauville at the domain of the Ooidonk castle near Ghent was cancelled as a result of corona measures. Last year 9,000 dance enthusiasts made their appearance and the organization was looking forward to a sold out fourth edition. For these reasons they looked for an alternative solution to keep Beauville alive.

They came up with a pop-up concept: Jardin Beauville on the central square of the Ooidonk castle in Deinze, a very unique location! Jardin Beauville takes place on the central square of the most beautiful castle in Flanders. This exclusive place is the setting for performances in September, each time from Thursday to Saturday.

In accordance with the applicable rules, each day several time slots of 3 hours are inserted where each time a maximum of 400 visitors in open air and bubbles of 2,4 or 6 persons can enjoy a performance of a national or international artist. Wat Drink Je? enabled online ordering of food and beverages from the comfort of your seat.

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