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De Cavalerie

Oh la la la, c’est magnifique! Arno in “De Cavalerie”

After the cancellations had piled up, the equestrian center De Cavalerie from Zonderschot came up with positive concert news. In a co-production with CC Zwaneberg, they gave a concert for four hundred spectators in the arena of De Cavalerie on September 19. The organization was very satisfied with the Full Service formula of ‘Wat Drink Je?’.

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Het Depot

Organizing 100% Coronaproof concerts? Het Depot can do it!

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Summerbar Bloom

Summerbar Bloom is located at walking distance from the Zandberg sports complex and the neighbouring padel courts in Aalst. Throughout August and September you can

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Urban Sessions

During Urban Sessions, the 29.000 visitors could pick up their order at the bar with the Show & Go service option. Fast, safe and no

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