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Beyond Ordering, also for caterers

Señor Snacks is a dynamic catering company that sets up food and drink services for festivals, sports-, business- and private events. It is therefore important during these events that everything is streamlined and customer-friendly for the caterer, visitors and organizer. With Beyond Ordering they found the ideal partner to optimize their ordering and payment process.

Every event or festival requires an efficient and customer-friendly service

Señor Snacks provides catering at numerous renowned events and music festivals in Belgium and the Netherlands from 2,000 to 100,0000 visitors. During the short time slots between performances, visitors must be served quickly and smoothly. After all, long queues put a damper on the party atmosphere. Señor Snacks is therefore constantly optimizing their service process internally and Beyond Ordering helps them with this. With our integrated payment terminal, we offer the ability to record cash payments in addition to accepting all card payments.

Insights and operational control for any event

With their more than 40 food trucks, it is important to keep an overview. The management platform and comprehensive statistics of Beyond Ordering provides Señor Snacks with the necessary insight into, and operational control over, each event. This allows them not only to efficiently accept orders and payments, but also to monitor sales, turnover and pressure on staff in real time, and make adjustments to staff and stock as needed.

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Launch deposit system QR refund

Beyond Ordering launches QR refund: A user-friendly digital ecosystem to manage and refund deposits of reusable cups. Without cash and transaction fees. No more hassle