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Ampli Concerts 2020

Ampli demonstrates that event organization is possible in corona times

PA and lighting company Ampli Audiovisuals from Hever organized a mini-festival with Stan Van Samang and Hugo Matthysen this summer, together with the local association Zomerse Dinsdagen. The business manager is behind the initiative, since virtually all projects for this year have been cancelled.

Moreover, he wants to demonstrate that it is possible to organise events in times of crisis, but in a controlled way. Wat Drink Je? has been able to contribute to this.

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Augmented reality karting at Flanders Expo Sparklab the company behind Supercube is providing an innovative karting experience at Flanders Expo. A prototype was already presented

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Bubble BQ

At a unique location in Heist-op-den-Berg, you can enjoy an exclusive BBQ during winter. You eat there in a unique transparent dining dome. The concept

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