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Staff shortage threatens events

The coming summer months will see many extra people needed at festivals and other events. After two years of coronary crisis, this summer will be busier than ever, thanks to a full festival calendar in combination with many postponed events. 

The demand for extra staff is therefore high and the staff shortage is palpable. With Beyond Ordering the shortage of staff can be addressed and visitors can be served first class without queues. By letting the festival visitors order digitally, you get an optimised bar operation for your event. With our 3 service options: Show & Go, Pickup and Delivery, festival visitors can order without an app and not miss out on the festival atmosphere.

Want to know more? Check the demo event Fête Du Soleil or book a demo right away.

Jardin Beauville
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Jardin Beauville

Like all other festivals in Belgium, the fourth edition of the one-day festival Beauville at the domain of the Ooidonk castle near Ghent was cancelled

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Urban Sessions

During Urban Sessions, the 29.000 visitors could pick up their order at the bar with the Show & Go service option. Fast, safe and no

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