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Op uw gezondheid

‘Your virtual bar, where customers can order now to toast later!’

‘Op uw gezondheid’ is a non-profit initiative by Rik Bauwens, Wouter Bauwens, Jo Van Gasse and Wouter Van Hauwermeiren to give horeca operators a helping hand. The graphic agency Graviteit voluntarily provided the branding for the campaign. The brothers Rik and Wouter Bauwens are making their online ordering platform Wat Drink Je? available for free.

How does it work?

The horeca manager puts together his personal price list and then shares the order page via his own social media channels. Of course, the customer can also tip their favorite bartender. The payments are made through Payconiq, which means that the hospitality operators receive the revenue quickly, directly and free of charge.

How is this different from other initiatives?

‘Op uw gezondheid’ operates without exclusivity. The founders see the platform as an addition to already existing platforms, such as Café Courage and Café Solidair. As a result, a catering operator is no longer limited to offering a single brand. Indeed, the campaign also aims to encourage the deferred ordering of local beers, soft drinks, coffees, wines, cocktails and so on. By doing so, local and less commercial drinks also have a post-crisis outlet.

The ‘Op uw gezondheid’ campaign therefore makes a warm and fresh appeal to support the regular pubs, baristas, cocktail and wine bars. From the moment we can leave our digs again, customers have 30 days to consume their order.

And as a real Belgian always says when he goes to a bar, ‘One is none.’


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