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As an organiser, you want to minimise the impact of your event on the environment by using reusable cups, for example. And why would you want to clean up a carpet of disposable cups if you can do without them?

To get your visitors to treat reusable cups respectfully, it is best to work with a deposit system. That way, visitors will not take the cups home or just leave them lying around.

Beyond Ordering therefore launches QR refund: A user-friendly digital ecosystem to manage and refund deposits of reusable cups. Without cash and transaction fees. No more hassle with change at an event!

Automatic settlement of guarantees

During the event, you can charge deposits automatically using the integrated deposit system on our payment terminal, as well as easily settle empty reusable cups with a new order.

No queues

The problem organisers often run into is refunding the last cup at the end of the event. You don’t want queues of visitors with cups queuing up to ask for their deposit back in cash. With QR refund, such scenes are a thing of the past, thanks to 2 quick and easy working methods Print & Claim and Show & Claim.

Print & Claim

Visitors take their empty cups to a collection point and receive a QR code that rolls out of a receipt printer. By scanning the QR code, the visitor claims his credit.

Show & Claim

This is a fully digital flow that makes a printer unnecessary: the visitor registers once and receives a QR code. Using the personal QR code, the collection point employee can confirm the number of cups with QR refund app.


In both flows, visitors can choose to have the amount integrally refunded to their bank account, donated to charity, or spent in a marketplace with, for example, merchandise, tickets for the next event or products from partners.

Launch of QR refund

The lauch of QR refund will take place during OVAM’s reusable catering materials conference on 20 March 2023 in Mechelen.


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