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Flanders encourages the use of reusable food and beverage recipients on events

It is positive to see Flanders encouraging the use of reusable food and beverage containers and taking measures to phase out the use of single-use variants. These measures contribute to reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainable practices in the event sector.

You can find more info on the Flemish legislation on beverage and food packaging for event organizers and local governments through this link.

Unfortunately, there is also still a perception that the use of reusable cups and catering materials involves additional costs for organizers. Therefore, QR refund’s ambition is to convince organizers that a sustainable festival can also be organized in an affordable, simple and efficient way with our digital guarantee system.

QR refund draagt bij aan een duurzaam festival

The use of a digital deposit system, such as QR refund, shows that it reduces plastic waste. Analysis of initial figures shows that only 9.8% of reusable cups are not exchanged and thus do not claim their deposit. However, this does not mean that these cups end up in trash cans or nature, as some of them are taken by visitors or collected by eco-teams. As a result, it can be concluded that there is about 96.8% less plastic litter, partly thanks to the use of the digital deposit system. At events where a higher deposit was charged, we even noticed a higher percentage claiming and thus redeeming their deposits.

For more detailed information about the digital deposit system, please visit qrrefund.com. There you will find more information about how the system works and the benefits it offers for event organizers and the environment.

Image: QR refund in figures
Image: QR refund in figures
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Beyond Ordering launches QR refund: A user-friendly digital ecosystem to manage and refund deposits of reusable cups. Without cash and transaction fees. No more hassle