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Deposits for reusable cups

Soon, organizers will no longer be allowed to serve drinks in disposable cups. To avoid your reusable cups ending up on the ground or disappearing, it is advisable to use a deposit system.

Often not practical

Currently, events often offer drink vouchers. Attendees must pay an additional drink voucher at the bar per reusable cup. At the end of the event, visitors then get the deposit back when they exchange empty cups in the form of cash.

At large events it is not practical to work with cash at the bar, for example: receipts can disappear, cash can be stolen or wrongly exchanged, etc.

Digitized guarantee system

The Beyond Ordering platform is fully integrated with a terminal, scanner or tablet, allowing visitors to order and pay directly at the bar with a payment card, voucher or smartphone.

Through this integration, each product sold can also be linked to a deposit that is charged immediately when ordering. At the next purchase, customers can exchange their reusable cup(s) at the counter and the counter staff will immediately deduct it from the new order. No more hassle of returning drink tickets or manually offsetting cups.

Want to use a deposit system at your event? Then get in touch with us.

Service Options

Honesty lasts longest with an Honesty Bar

Beyond Ordering responds to the latest hospitality trend: offering an “Honesty Bar”. With the Self Service option, you no longer need an open cash register


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