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Beyond Ordering Lite is the perfect solution for associations

Recently it has also become mandatory for associations to offer at least one electronic payment method. This has the logical consequence that visitors to an event have less or no cash with them. Beyond Ordering therefore offers an affordable, fast and complete ordering and payment solution for your events.

Why choose for Lite?

Our team has developed Beyond Ordering Lite especially for association. It offers a terminal only solutions where you are in full control of your price list(s). Your staff or volunteers use our fully integrated payment terminal to take orders at the bar and get them paid right away using contact or contactless card payments. The payment terminal is mobile, wireless, works via wifi or mobile internet and is easy to use.

Safe, fast and efficient

Not all volunteers have hospitality experience, and anyone can make a miscalculation from time to time. With Beyond Ordering Lite, you don’t have to do the math yourself because price lists are created in advance. Your bar staff just has to select the products from you pricelist and let the customer pay. Even cash payments can be registered, letting you download a clear and complete summary of earnings afterwards.

Beyond Ordering Lite is not only more secure, it also ensures efficient and fast bar operations.

Accepting cash is expensive

Cash payments also come with a cost. For example, refund errors are common and the bank charges fees for counting coins. Internal thefts are also what make cash payments very expensive. If you end up making the bill, it will benefit you financially to offer cashless payments.

Note! Accepting cash is still mandatory. After all, not everyone has the ability to pay via smartphone or card. Beyond Ordering has a solution for that, too. In fact, cash payments can also be registered in our terminal.

Ask a deposit for reusable cups

Recently, you are no longer allowed to use disposable cups. To avoid reusable cups ending up on the ground or disappearing, it is advisable to use a deposit system. Beyond Ordering has a built-in solution for that.

You can link a deposit to each product on your price list. The deposits are charged automatically when the order is placed. When the customer exchanges their reusable cup(s) at the counter, these deposits are automatically deducted from the next order. No more hassle of returning drink tickets or manually refunding deposits.

What about the last cup?

Good news, we have a solution for this as well. Take a look at the website of QR refund (currently only available in Dutch).

Partnership with Viva Wallet

With more than 20 years of experience, Viva Wallet is a trusted partner in digital payments. Transparency, innovation and flexibility are core values of our cooperation. As a payment institution, Viva Wallet operates in 24 European countries. To get started with Viva Wallet, you need a enterprise number.

Does your association want to use Beyond Ordering Lite? Please feel free to contact us, a team member will be more than happy to talk to you and guide you through the functionalities of Beyond Ordering.


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