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Sustainable partying at Sinksen in Kortrijk with QR refund

Sinksen in Kortrijk has started again! Some 200,000 visitors are expected during the four-day Sinksen weekend. During the city festival you can party around the clock and there will be no less than 350,000 reusable cups in circulation.

By using the same cups at all locations, visitors will be able to bring their cups to each bar this year. This not only has a practical benefit, but also contributes to the sustainability of the festival and avoids a huge amount of waste.

Deposits will be refunded via QR refund

Refunding the deposit for reusable cups is often a challenge for bar operators during festivals. The traditional cash system presented several problems, such as the need for large amounts of 1 euro coins and security risks. To address these problems, the city of Kortrijk opted for an innovative solution: QR refund. This digital deposit system uses QR codes to refund the deposit of cups.

How it works

Visitors can exchange their reusable cups at collection points on the event plazas. Here they receive a QR code that they can then scan, enter their IBAN number and the deposit is automatically refunded to their bank account a few days later. This process not only ensures safe and efficient handling of the deposit, but also eases the burden on bar owners. It creates a fairer situation for all participating venues, regardless of the number of visitors moving from one square to another.

A green and efficient approach

By using reusable cups and implementing QR refund, the festival shows its commitment to a greener and more efficient approach. Visitors can now enjoy their favorite drinks carefree, knowing that they are contributing to the sustainability of the city festival. With Sinksen in Kortrijk and QR refund, partying becomes not only fun, but also environmentally conscious.

Use QR refund at your festival too? Surf to qrrefund.com.

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Launch deposit system QR refund

Beyond Ordering launches QR refund: A user-friendly digital ecosystem to manage and refund deposits of reusable cups. Without cash and transaction fees. No more hassle