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Boterhammen in de Stad

Ancienne Belgique (AB) is collaborating with Beyond Ordering and BEES so visitors can place orders digitally.

Normally Boterhammen in de Stad will take place in the Warande Park, but due to renovation works, the festival will temporarily move to Gare Maritime from Tour & Taxis in Brussels.

For the 32nd time already the holiday will end in beauty with artists such as: Filip Kowlier, Maaike Ouboter, Kapitein Winokio, Lucky Fonz III and finally Merol. For this edition, the concert hall Ancienne Belgique (AB), which also organizes the free festival, is collaborating with Beyond Ordering and BEES.

During the event, visitors can place orders, pay and collect them with their smartphone. Thanks to the payment terminals of Viva Wallet, we also provide a backup for those who do not have a smartphone or payment app. These terminals are fully integrated into our ordering and payment platform.

Would you like to use our payment and ordering platform at your event? Then please contact us.

Beyond Ordering QR ordering solution at Boterhammen in de Stad 2022 event
Bar at Boterhammen in de Stad
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